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Executive Protection Services & Training 

Global Risk Consultants is currently providing a 3 day and 5 day Executive Protection Essentials Certification course. These courses provide the fundamentals in:

Security & Risk Assessments

 Protection Theory

Team Building & Formations

 Principal Engagement

Motorcade Operations

Single Agent Operations


Arrivals & Departures

High Risk Operations

Vehicle Considerations

Protective Areas of Responsibility 

Attack on Principle Readiness 





Friday March 4th 6pm to 9pm

Saturday March 5th 9am to 5pm

Sunday March 6th 10am  

 Classroom & Range Qualification

This is the perfect introduction to the Executive Protection industry. In this training course you will learn the fundamentals and industry standards to start your professional protection career in close protection. 

You will learn what it takes to protect Heads of State, Ambassadors, Diplomats, Corporate Leaders, and Celebrities. 


Executive Protection Services 

Your safety is our primary goal. With over 20 years experience in local and global protection security details you will not find another equal to our protection services. For a quote please use the "Contact Form" and we will promptly answer your questions. 

Executive Protection Training Course 

Our 5 Day Essentials Certification Course is $500 per person 


What our customers are saying

Whenever there is a threat we immediately call JC Shegog and GRC to confirm and take care of it. I've never seen someone who is so knowledgeable and capable at something so scary. Thank you Mr. Shegog.  

Erica Cane Mills - Risk Manager

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