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About JC

JC Shegog, CLEI, CPPS, SME  has over 25 years of global business experience and over 30 years of providing various industries within the borders of the United States excellent services and advice.  You and your organization can now benefit from his knowledge, skills, and abilities that were obtained over years of serving his country and community. 


                                                                                                       TACTICAL OPERATOR / INSTRUCTOR

JC "DOCTORÈ" SHEGOG has over 2 decades of tactical operations experience starting in the U.S. Army and extending to the Department of Defense and Law Enforcement. He has served in various positions from Team Member to Team Lead and now over 12 years as Tactical Operations & Special Operations Instructor. His service locally, nationwide, and globally has been recognized by his peers and leadership alike. You can be assured you are receiving up to date and effective training, counseling, and advisement. 

ISAF - SOF Instructor

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